We empower people to act to save their homes and their communities!

  • More than 40,000 low and moderate income families have lost their homes and been displaced in Washington, DC and the surrounding area!
  •  Affordable housing in DC is nearly extinct!
  • Homelessness among the working poor and their children  increases every year!

The major causes?  Economic initiatives, redevelopment plans and revitalization projects of both the area’s private and public sectors that failed to address the needs of families of modest means.

In steps the Urban Housing Alliance.  Our volunteers provide hands-on strategies and winning solutions for area residents facing loss of homes and a myriad of other housing and related issues – high property taxes, poor financial health, need for income expansion.

If you care about advancing solutions for empowering at- risk families, communities and small businesses in the District of Columbia and the greater metropolitan area – or you need help yourself – the Alliance is the group for you!  Consider joining in as we work to empower, educate, advocate, and serve.


Urban Housing Alliance   P. O. Box 90711, Washington, DC 20090    
202.667.9011     202.667.0273 (fax)   theUHAlliance@yahoo.com